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International Institute of Fitness Excellence & Management

IIFEM was founded in 2016 with a vision to make the world fitter by creating awareness, imparting knowledge, and consistently researching and creating meaningful content. 

Led by a very passionate group of fitness experts, researchers, and enthusiasts, IIFEM today is a leading institute in fitness excellence and management. The institute has developed over 40 courses on various dimensions of fitness and is consistently growing the number and depth of its courses.


To Create 1 Lakh Best In The Industry, Highly Impactful Fitness Coaches in the next 5 years

We are deeply committed to our vision, and this inspires us to continue to invest our resources and keep researching to create better content and pedagogy.

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Our team is working everyday to build a better world & help ensure you get the best services

Tejas Jaishankar

Director and Head of Academics

Tejas looks after training and curriculum at IIFEM. Tejas is highly experienced in the field of fitness. He has won multiple national and state-level titles, including WPC, IPF, Strongman Championship League, EKFA Kettlebell, India’s Strongest Man, and many more.

Many of his students have won multiple international and national awards, including in powerlifting, strongman, EKFA kettlebell, and aquatics. Jujitsu. He is also the trainer of many national-level sports players.

Tejas is a certified ISSA strength and conditioning coach. He is a graduate of Delhi University.

Pankaj Suri

Chief Executive Director (CEO)

Pankaj is a highly experienced fitness entrepreneur and advisor to many health and wellness ventures, with almost two decades of experience. He founded Fluid.Fit Group with a vision to bring international fitness standards to India with the launch of premium health clubs called Fluid. He single-handedly expanded the brand in north India and made it a very popular gym chain amongst the fitness community. 

Pankaj is very passionate about bringing fitness to citizens and inspiring transformation. This led him to launch IIFEM in 2016. Pankaj is an ACE-certified professional. He is a chartered accountant and a graduate of Delhi University.

About Fluid.Fit

Fluid.fit is a two-decade-old organisation with a deep interest in fitness and health. The group began with Fluid Gyms, a chain of premium health clubs in north India, and has since grown to include multiple business arms in fitness and health. Its ShapeMeNow and IIFEM brands of supplements are quite popular amongst the fitness community. Group also offers multiple solutions to gym owners and independent fitness entrepreneurs, including CMS, customer application, training, consulting solutions, and mentorship.

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